Why Vital Care? Ask a Vital Care Patient

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As more people learn about the cost savings and benefits of home infusion therapy, these options grow every year. At Vital Care, we help to provide access to home infusion therapies for patients, helping them heal with dignity where they choose. We work with providers to help their patients access the best, safest care at home or an alternate infusion therapy suite.

What is Infusion Therapy?

Infusion therapies are often prescribed by doctors when oral medications are less effective. These could be medications, nutrients or other vital fluids delivered intravenously (IV) directly into the patient. For many patients, these therapies need not be administered in a hospital setting, exposing them to potentially life-threatening secondary infections.

If you’ve ever experienced a hospital stay, you’ll understand that not only is it a risk of infection, but it’s also a loss of privacy and comfort in most cases. Patients undergoing these therapies wish to maintain their lifestyles as normally as possible. Home or alternate-site infusion therapy makes this possible.

Healing with Dignity

For those reasons, Vital Care provides safe and effective infusion therapies in homes and in state-of-the-art infusion therapy suites all over the US. With a safe place to heal, patients recover faster and have better outcomes while better maintaining their normal lifestyles. Our goal at Vital Care is for patients all over the US to have access to this resource if they should ever need it.

We provide thorough and effective patient education so our patients understand all aspects of the home infusion therapy treatment. Each Vital Care location is independently owned and operated, invested in their local communities. Our Vital Care operators take pride in providing the most progressive infusion services to each and every patient.

Ask a Vital Care Patient

But, don’t take our word for it. We talked with Mary*, a Vital Care patient, about why Vital Care’s infusion services were so vital to her recovery. Here’s what Mary had to say:

“Most people do not plan to get sick. I certainly didn’t.

Little did I know that one day I would need powerful medicine typically given in a hospital setting.

Vital Care’s home infusion service made it possible for me to receive crucial medical treatment at home rather than at the hospital. Their team worked with my own doctor to arrange effective treatment that could be administered in my own home.

The nurse who came to my house was professional, courteous, and compassionate. She made sure I had plenty of supplies and a clear understanding of how to deliver the medicine safely and effectively in the comfort and privacy of my own home.

With a genuine commitment to my health and my recovery, she helped me navigate an extremely difficult health challenge without admission to the hospital.

I am grateful to my doctor and to Vital Care for working together to give me the opportunity to utilize home infusion as part of my health journey and my ultimate recovery.”

Mary, Vital Care Patient*

Helping Your Community

It’s easy to see why infusion therapy services are vital for patients in every community. We’re looking for people across the country who see the benefits of alternate-site and home infusion therapy and want to provide patient access to their community.

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can own and operate your own Vital Care infusion pharmacy location, please reach out and let us know.


*Disclaimer: Mary is an actual Vital Care patient. Her name was used with permission. The photo shown is not an actual photo of Mary. 

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