What is a Vital Care Franchise?

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When you’re in the healthcare business, patient outcome is the top priority. Vital Care Home Infusion Services has been improving patient outcomes since it began in 1986. By focusing on the highest quality care and building a cost-sharing network for home infusion pharmacists, Vital Care has helped increase patient access to home infusion services across the country.

Before patients had access to home infusion services, they had little options for receiving IV infusions. Many had to make long trips to their closest regional hospital, exposing themselves to potential infections during their hospital stay. As healthcare providers focus more on patient outcomes and compliance, it’s harder and harder to ignore the benefits of home infusion for modern healthcare goals. More and more providers are seeing these benefits and choosing to refer their patients to home infusion services.

Vital Care excels at providing high quality, compassionate care for home infusion patients. After launching in 1986 at the beginning of the home infusion industry birth, Vital Care has grown along with the home infusion industry, which is now worth $19B annually. Vital Care’s established network, cost savings, and clinical expertise afford Vital Care franchise owners with the skills and support needed to excel at providing the best home infusion services in their local community.

And there are plenty of home infusion patients to help. From 2010 to 2019, the number of unique home infusion patients grew from 829,000 to 3.2 million annually. That number will continue to rise, as chronic and autoimmune conditions are better diagnosed in the US. These patients will all need quality home infusion care, but there are less than 1000 providers available. By growing Vital Care home infusion services franchises, patient needs will be met. That will mean better patient outcomes and less strain on the healthcare system.

Vital Care Franchises Build on Stable, Growing Home Infusion Market

Intravenous (IV) infusions are used on an everyday basis for countless people all across the nation. It’s used to improve and save lives in countless ways. A growing number of prescribed medications are formulated for intravenous delivery, which means a growing market for home infusion services offered. As the home infusion market grows, more and more medications will be offered as a home infusion therapy.

Vital Care builds on this strong market with its organizational systems and longstanding relationships with suppliers and payors. Working in the home infusion market since it’s infancy, Vital Care has built a reputation for excellence. In 2019, 98% of patients would recommend Vital Care to their own friends and family after receiving home infusion services from their local Vital Care franchise.

To meet demand for growth while also maintaining high patient satisfaction, Vital Care adopts a multidisciplinary approach to their organization. They are lead by a team of specialists in pharmacy, nursing, quality management, franchise development, and revenue cycle management. This provides each Vital Care franchise owner with the support needed to provide the most progressive infusion services to each and every patient while maintaining growth of the business.

“We have monthly financial reviews with the Financial Services team,” said Rob Nelson, Pharm.D., Director of Pharmacy Operations at Vital Care. “We work with each location to make sure each location is informed of current and potential financial opportunities. The willingness for teamwork is evident throughout our organization. Each department and its team has a focus on certain areas. But our multidisciplinary, teamwork approach has garnered much growth and allowed Vital Care to become a leader in the home infusion industry.”

Do You Need Home Infusion Experience to Own a Vital Care Franchise?

Since Vital Care began in 1986, they initially focused on helping locally, independently owned pharmacists to begin serving patients home infusion therapies in the emerging home infusion market. This approach worked well for pharmacists looking to build revenue streams outside of retail pharmacy sales and helped them shore up their business with additional income. As Vital Care grew during the next few decades, they expanded their search for franchise locations.

Currently, Vital Care franchise owners might be pharmacists, local entrepreneurs, investors, ACOs, clinical RN managers, or pharmaceutical sales reps. The Vital Care training equips those franchise owners with the skills needed to successfully launch their home infusion services business. The continued support of Vital Care lessens the burden on franchise owners with a new, growing business. This allows franchise owners to focus on growing revenue while other vital tasks like billing are done for them.

Will home infusion experience help you? Yes, it definitely will not hurt you, but with the support and guidance of Vital Care it also will not hinder you if you don’t have experience. The Vital Care system for launching each location ensures you, as the franchise owner, are prepared to manage a successful home infusion pharmacy, regardless of your initial home infusion experience.

“My favorite thing about running a home infusion business is learning new avenues of pharmacy,” said Steven Brindley, Pharm.D and franchise owner. “It’s always a challenge to grow professionally to learn something else.”

Determine Your Vital Care Franchise Opportunity

So while you don’t need infusion experience to own a Vital Care franchise, you do need a home infusion opportunity. If you are not sure about a local opportunity for starting a home infusion pharmacy, reach out to our Franchise Development team for a call. We will get to know you and provide you with the information needed to determine your opportunity in the home infusion market.

Once you’ve found an opportunity, that’s the first stop on the roadmap to owning a Vital Care franchise.

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