Vital Care Franchise Owner Reviews: What Do Our Franchisees Have to Say?

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Vital Care is blessed to have some of the most intelligent, compassionate entrepreneurs in our franchise network. Each and every day, they serve their local communities by providing their patients with the home infusion services they need to thrive and heal. In turn, Vital Care franchise owners are rewarded with long-standing relationships with their communities that result in reliable, recurring revenue streams.

While our ongoing support and winning business model help our franchise owners and their patients thrive, Vital Care is also proud of how supportive, collaborative and open our franchise owners are with each other. With every new franchise owner, the Vital Care brand continues to get stronger and more dynamic, and this will continue as more Vital Care locations open across the country.

This is what Vital Care franchise owners have to say about their home infusion businesses:

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Marcie Parker

"We decided to become a Vital Care franchise because of the support provided by the corporate office. I could not imagine owning a pharmacy without the Vital Care corporate office's support."

Marcie Parker owns and operates a Vital Care location in Greenville, NC, serving all of eastern North Carolina. Marcie’s Vital Care location opened in 2005, and Marcie became full owner in 2015.

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Steven Brindley

"The support they provide for us is second to none. They’re small enough to know your name, but large enough to shape your future. When you call, you can always leave with an answer. Their support is unparalleled.

I don't feel I could've grown my business to where we are today without the national expertise that Vital Care provides."

Steven Brindley has owned and operated his Vital Care home infusion franchise business since 2011. He also has ownership in other Vital Care locations. Read more about his journey with Vital Care here.

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Pal Chhabra

"We went from traditional retail to compounding and now to infusion. Vital Care has really been giving us the right direction to achieve our goals. Their expertise positions us to make the right decisions.

They are so phenomenal. Their whole team supports you from the basics: how to set up a pharmacy, how to hire people, what kind of credentialing you need, what kind of set up you need, your projections... anything that you need they have somebody to help you out."

Pal Chhabra owns Union Vital Care in Brooklyn, NY. Union Vital Care serves most New York counties currently through four Union Vital Care locations. Listen to Pal on this episode of the Vital Care Home Infusion Franchise Podcast.

jeff werneke

Jeff Wernake

"Quite honestly, it seemed too good to be true. But I can say that Vital Care has been instrumental in how we operate. It's well worth the investment. And just being surrounded by people of like mind has been wonderfully refreshing.

We're not strung by a big box organization, but yet we've got the leverage of the Vital Care network. It's definitely a family environment."

Jeff Werneke owns and operates a Vital Care location in Missouri. He’s been a Vital Care owner since 2017. Jeff owns the only locally owned home infusion pharmacy in southwest Missouri. 

jim kodman 1

Jim Kodman

"Vital Care has been invaluable with the services, the assistance, the contracting, the billing, the clinical expertise that they provide. Really, without them, it would've been impossible to get where we are today.

The guidance they provide in terms of therapies and how to provide them, and the training and assistance they provide... it's really something that we can't put a price on. We owe a lot of our success to the team that's at Vital Care that backs us up."

Jim Kodman began his Vital Care journey in 2015 opening his Vital Care home infusion franchise business in central Pennsylvania. 

Each Vital Care franchise owner works daily to serve their patients and provide quality, compassionate care to their local communities. If you would like to learn more from our franchise owners, reach out to the franchise development team. They can provide you with franchise owner references to discuss their experience as part of the Vital Care family. 

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