The Best Support For Your Home Infusion Business From Start To Success

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At Vital Care, we help pharmacists and pharmacy owners create access to home infusion therapies in their communities. Our Vital Care franchise owners lead their teams in providing patient care and local sales and marketing, while the Vital Care team provides support services needed for pharmacy launch, growth, and maintenance of your home infusion business success. Our support services include many different areas of expertise, providing multidisciplinary support to Vital Care franchise partners.

These support services begin right away when we provide everything you need to identify your local home infusion opportunity. We continue supporting franchise partners through every aspect of their business life cycle: launch, growth, and maintenance. Let’s look at some of the services needed for running a Vital Care home infusion business.

Launch Support For Your Home Infusion Business

As a newly awarded franchisee, you will have access to assistance with all the planning stages of launching your home infusion business. Vital Care’s experienced Corporate Outreach team guides every new franchisee through planning and accreditation right to opening day. This guidance includes support for clinical and operational policies and procedures, accreditation and regulatory support, as well as new staff training support.

“I was able to still work full time at my previous job up until a week or two before we had our accreditation survey,” said Leah Simmons, PharmD, co-owner at North Mississippi Vital Care. “That’s how organized the process was, and how much support that I was provided throughout the whole thing.

Simmons and other Vital Care franchise owners benefit from the support of Vital Care staff through the essential Vital Care Accreditation Program (VCAP). VCAP ensures all Vital Care locations meet the highest standards of quality control and quality assurance.

“It was such a smooth process and I was prepared for the survey when it happened. We really didn’t run into any delays or snags or anything in the whole startup,” said Simmons.

Growth Support For Your Home Infusion Business

After your home infusion business launches, the Vital Care support for franchise owners focuses on quickly growing new business. This support covers continuing education for staff, payor relations, trade relations, and clinical support. Every franchise location receives fast and thorough help from the Vital Care corporate support staff.

“We work with pharmaceutical companies, drug wholesalers, distributors, group purchasing organizations to aggregate the volume of the Vital Care network to bring competitive pricing, rebates, and field collaborative marketing opportunities,” said Logan Davis, PharmD, MBA, and director of franchise development. “This has been very beneficial as our network has continued to grow over the last several years.”

In addition, the Vital Care clinical support team includes pharmacists, nurses, dieticians, and pharmacy technicians. They provide all types of clinical and nutrition consults, such as dosing, order recommendations, nursing consults, or patient lab reviews. Their aim is to provide the best patient care for your local Vital Care home infusion patients.

“They’ll pick up their phone on the soccer field while they’re watching their kids and answer my questions,” said Marcie Parker, Vital Care franchise owner. “I could not imagine owning a pharmacy without the Vital Care corporate office’s support.”

Ongoing Support For Your Home Infusion Business

As your Vital Care home infusion business continues to grow, Vital Care is focused on paving the way for your future growth and continued success in the home infusion market. They provide assistance through business development support, technology and IT systems innovation, and revenue cycle management systems. These work together to optimize your home infusion business, while you focus on providing the best care to your community.

“Reducing the length of the revenue cycle is a key component to the success of our franchise partners as it greatly impacts the cash flow and their financial stability,” said Joel Harrison, Vital Care’s Revenue Cycle Manager.

Vital Care also provides continuing sales and marketing support for franchise locations, in addition to investing in leading healthcare IT solutions. Their most recent partnership with CareTend exemplifies their commitment to continually expanding the technological efficiencies of Vital Care locations. Vital Care adopted WellSky’s CareTend software for improved intake, pharmacy operations, and revenue cycle functionality. For more information on the CareTend program, see the Vital Care corporate news release.

Do You Need Support For Your Home Infusion Business?

As you might imagine, the start-up process for home infusion businesses can be tedious and complicated. Vital Care and their many years of experience guide new franchise partners through the challenging process, step by step. Their continued support, though, is an integral part of their franchise partners’ continued success.

“I can’t put enough stock in what they do for us. It allows us to be clinicians. It allows us to be business owners first and foremost,” said Wade Phillips, current Vital Care franchise owner. “Sometimes it’s daunting to think about trying to do this on my own.”

If you’re looking for startup support or want to convert your existing home infusion business to a Vital Care home infusion franchise, reach out to our team to talk. See for yourself the difference Vital Care can make in the success of your home infusion business.

If you would like to know more about Vital Care’s continuing support, check out these videos on the Vital Care corporate website of each Vital Care corporate team dedicated to the success of all our franchise partners.

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