Roadmap to Opening a Vital Care Franchise

At Vital Care, we have honed our franchise system for over 30 years to help you launch and thrive in the infusion pharmacy industry. We help your patients heal at home or in a state-of-the-art Vital Care clinic, while serving them with dignity and respect. Our core values of being humble, hungry, and smart carry over to everything we do. Therefore, our rigorous process for awarding franchises follows a series of steps to ensure we partner with people who share our passion for the service and support we offer.

Because owning and operating a Vital Care infusion pharmacy requires dedication and commitment with a servant-leadership mindset, each year we select only a small number of new franchisees from a our candidate pool. We accelerate our relationship development with you, the candidate, to provide you with as much information about Vital Care as possible, while getting to know you better.

When we both agree our business philosophy and corporate culture aligns, we can proceed with the franchise award cycle. Here’s what the steps will look like as we walk towards opening your new Vital Care infusion pharmacy franchise:

1. Defining your specific opportunity.

Reach out to us by filling out the contact form at The Vital Starts Team will respond to discuss your background and how you learned about the Vital Care opportunity. This is a short introductory call to confirm your information, interest and background. From there we will schedule a follow-up call with our Director of Sales to further discuss the Vital Care business model and how to use Vital Care’s services and scale to capitalize on your opportunity. This is the first step in the process and will help us both determine whether we would like to move forward in our relationship.

2. Getting to know Vital Care culture.

After we clarify your business opportunity then our team gets to share the who, what, and why of Vital Care. That means getting to know the “Vital Care Way”, meeting members of our team, and better understanding our culture and the values we hold dear. This is critical to understanding if the Vital Care network is right for you. We will discuss “The Ideal Team Player” by Patrick Lencioni and how the principles in that book shaped Vital Care culture. We then continue with open dialogue to discuss with our shared values and to better understand why you want to become a Vital Care franchisee.

3. Reviewing FDD and franchise agreement terms.

Once we all agree that it’s a good fit, then we will mail you a copy of our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), which is our franchise prospectus. After you review and understand the basic provisions, then we have a follow-up call to discuss any questions you may have. In addition to reviewing the prospectus, we also discuss the protected territory that Vital Care provides to its franchise locations, determined by population density to cover an area of one million people. We perform additional assessments with you at this stage, including an overview of the start-up and accreditation process. Once you have a good understanding of the franchise agreement, then we will ask you to submit a franchisee application online along with a business plan and proposed site for your franchise location.

4. Reviewing Franchisee Application and supporting documents.

Within a few weeks of submitting your franchisee application, our Vital Care Executive Management Team (EMT) will review your business plan and capitalization plan for pre- approval consideration. If pre-approved, you will begin the 90-day pre-signing process including:

  • A review of your proposed site
  • Your location build-out analysis and review
  • Development of your implementation schedule
  • Completion of your business plan, sales & marketing plan, operating agreements, and legal formation of your new business entity

5. Visiting for Discovery Day and becoming a Vital Care franchise owner.

Once your pre-signing checklist is nearing completion, we will schedule a Discovery Day for you and your ownership team to visit Vital Care in Meridian, Miss. During this day-long visit with our Executive Management Team, we will review your business plan, sales and marketing plan, start-up timeline, and staffing model together. You will get to meet with the Vital Care team members who will be supporting you each day. Pending final approval by the EMT, we will invite you to execute the franchise agreement and join the Vital Care family. Then it’s time for you to get back home because the Vital Care start-up process will start tomorrow!

For the select individuals each year who are awarded a franchise opportunity, we are thrilled and excited to have you join our family! Our team works tirelessly to help you accomplish all of your dreams as a Vital Care infusion pharmacy owner.

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