How to Start A Home Infusion Pharmacy Business

Vital Care Infusion Services is the premier infusion pharmacy franchise dedicated to helping pharmacists and entrepreneurs start their infusion pharmacy business.

As patients continue learning about infusion service options beyond the standard, expensive hospital infusions, there will be abundant opportunities for entrepreneurs to succeed in an infusion pharmacy business. As payers, providers, and patients face increasing healthcare costs, the ability to utilize alternate site or home infusion to reduce expenses and adverse events while increasing patient satisfaction is a winning strategy for everyone involved. For the owners of a Vital Care infusion pharmacy, this is also a win as they benefit from profitable margins and low competition in this growing market.

As studies show, infusion patients benefit from the home infusion model of care through better care, better health outcomes, and lower costs. Those are far greater benefits than simply saving themselves a trip to the hospital every week. On top of those benefits, Vital Care patients also enjoy:

  • Superior customer experience and satisfaction
  • 24/7 support from staff living in the local community
  • Hands-on infusion education for all patients

From 2010 to 2019 according to data from the National Home Infusion Foundation, the revenue associated with the infusion services industry has grown 310 percent. They estimate in 2019 that there were 3.2 million patients served, with only 974 unique infusion service providers to provide care. Additionally, the recent pandemic accelerated the demand for non-hospital infusion service options, so that trend is expected to continue into the future.

How to Start a Home Infusion Pharmacy Business Without Going Solo

Starting a home infusion pharmacy business on your own is possible, especially in the world of search engines and crowd-sourced information. But, you can’t exactly google real-life experience. Before Vital Care franchise owners even sign their franchise agreements, they have spent hours training with the Vital Care corporate teams preparing to start their home infusion pharmacy. They launch their home infusion pharmacy business the right way, with over 30 years of experience advising them.

After signing their franchise agreement, Vital Care continues supporting franchise owners through the early stages of their business. But, with the systems, processes, and training implemented using Vital Care’s decades of home infusion experience, franchise owners are confident in their roles as business owners and the success of their home infusion pharmacy business.

“The support they provide for us is second to none,” said Steven Brindley, Pharm.D,, franchise owner for over 5 years. “They’re small enough to know your name, but large enough to shape your future. When you call, you will always get an answer. Their support is unparalleled.”

How to Immediately Achieve Scale for Your Home Infusion Pharmacy Business

Even after figuring out the accreditation on your own, home infusion business owners must focus on growing volume quickly to scale and begin to make a profit. Starting a home infusion pharmacy takes significant up-front capital and building patient volume to scale takes time. Waiting years to reach ideal profit margins is okay for some business owners. But what if you could start your home infusion pharmacy business with the profit margins of a business that has scale immediately? 

Providing scale to their independently owned and operated franchises is just one of the many ways Vital Care Home Infusion Services generates value for its franchise owners. They bring 30 years of building relationships with payors and suppliers to each of their franchise locations. They harness the purchasing power of the franchise network to drive down the cost of goods for all franchises. They bring systems and processes to streamline the accreditation and start-up of a new home infusion pharmacy business. 

Those tangible, profit-growing services aren’t the only benefits Vital Care brings to the table. Some things you can’t put a sticker price on, like supporting new entrepreneurs in the early days of their business. Owning a local Vital Care franchise also gives operators the opportunity to develop ties with the local community, serving their specific needs while positively impacting their local economy with jobs and revenue.

Become the Go-To Home Infusion Pharmacy Business in Your Local Community

As a Vital Care franchise owner, you may or may not be involved in the local sales and marketing of your home infusion pharmacy business. Those skills might be your strength or you might better serve your patients in a clinical position. Whatever the case, Vital Care will provide you with the training to develop relationships with local providers and referrers, explaining to them the benefits of different infusion therapies now available to their patients. 

Many of our franchise owners successfully serve rural, underserved areas where patient access to infusion therapy was limited until the franchise owner saw an opportunity. Educating the population and the providers on the infusion therapy they can now access is vital to growing your new home infusion pharmacy business. 

“Our first week of business, we had a patient’s family send us flowers,” said Leah Simmons, Pharm.D. of North Mississippi Vital Care. “They are so grateful to have access to the benefits of infusion therapy in their own home. I’m so humbled to be providing this essential service to my community.” 

How Much Can You Make with a Home Infusion Pharmacy Business?

According to the National Home Infusion Foundation, the home infusion pharmacy business is valued at $19B per year in 2019 and has grown 310% since 2010. Growing demand for home infusion and increasing focus on lower infection rates and frequent hospitalizations all point to continued growth in the home infusion market. With less than 1000 unique providers, that’s plenty of market room to allow for new providers.


But, why a home infusion pharmacy business over another business model? Vital Care franchise owners enjoy a thriving market that is recession-resistant, has meaningful barriers to entry, and strong projected market potential. This is a winning combination made even stronger through Vital Care’s support, resources, ongoing coaching, buying power, and access to the best minds in the home infusion industry. You can download our free report to see just how good the numbers are for Vital Care franchise owners.

“Coming to us with an opportunity or just an interest is the best thing to do,“ said Logan Davis, Pharm.D., MBA, Director of Franchise Development for Vital Care. “We’re going to give you the information to learn whether or not it’s a realistic opportunity for you. And then if it is, we’re going to do everything in our power to make it happen for you.”

Start Your Home Infusion Pharmacy Business with Vital Care

For in-depth details about the Vital Care home infusion pharmacy business opportunity, reach out to our franchise development team on our contact page. You can also read the Roadmap to Open a Vital Care Franchise to learn more about our stringent franchise awarding process.

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